Sunday, June 11, 2017

Does anything here still rhyme?

According to Gilbert O' Sullivan not too much:

Although the man himself seems to be without any reason or rhyme, Google tells me there still are words to be found that rhyme with Trump. Enough anyway for a good limerick or a nursery rhyme, as that might well be the only poetry he will be able to grasp apart from an endless string of $$$$$$$$$$$igns.
Eh...., but nay, I am not going try my hand at that; the man might think it not funny as he continually seems to feel being mocked at and treated very badly while all he wants and yearns for is to be admired.
And any which way I certainly wouldn't do any better than the rhymegenerators of Twisted Satire did way before he actually was elected:

Words of the Poem for Your Reflection and Enjoyment

Philosophy like Socra-tee
To Donald Trump I make a case
You see

Make America great again
Motto of a President wannabe
Policies written short and long
A simple claim - Trust me

I lay my plea
Thru words of the great Tee - rump

Trump the philosopher
Strong Skin thin
No sticks or stones
Name calling brings wins<
br/> Bullied the bully Fights back
Eye for an eye Limb and throat
Thousands cheer
The Donald’s on track

Pocahontas Lizzy
Lying Crooked Corrupt Hill - a - ree
Reporters are sleazy
Why? Believe me

Look at my African American
Over there
Words of, with? Conviction seems fair

Muslims Syrians
Go away
Aren’t they the say-mmm

Build a wall
Nukes for all
Who? Next question y’all

To the terrorists
Slaughter your families
a must
Waterboarding, torture
Not nearly enough

Unfairly treated
By Judges and Press
Disagree – then you’re wrong
And all stupid I guess)

The World laughs at us
Claims the man in a hat
Frequently reminding us
Rosie O’Donnell is fat

Travel the globe
Make Nato obsolete
I know Russia well
Thru pageants he keeps

US Forces - a disaster
Weak to boot
Dictatorship defines leadership
For it’s Kim and Putin
I salute

Back to China let's go
Creators of Global Warming
Don’t ya know
Trade war who cares
Raping our Country
China's unfair

In conclusion I say
Believe me, Trust me
Words of wisdom that stay
Forty fifth President
Donald Trump
Let us pray.

Satire or not ...
concerning the matter of 'being twisted'
I would think that Twisted Satire would
have to gracefully acknowledge the superiority of
The Donald

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