Sunday, December 14, 2014

Games People Play ...

... was the title of a song by Joe South back in 1969.

Now we are as a matter of fact playing all sorts of games almost all of the time.
Nicolas Kristof suggested on Facebook that this amazing video 'The video game idea that caused a walkout at a gaming convention' should go viral.
Now I'm most certainly not a great fan of viral video's, as I feel they may be as hazardous for our mental hygiene as viral diseases are for our bodily welfare. Nor am I particularly amused by hypes.
Still, in this patricular case, I choose to second and honour Kristof's suggestion:

hoping it may stir up some public awareness and feeling with regard to the games we play.
And possibly the words of Joe South could still offer some direction there:

Whoa--the games people play now.
Every night and every day now.
Never meanin' what they say now.
Never sayin' what they mean.

While they wile away the hours
in their ivory towers,
'till they're covered-up with flowers
in the back of a black limousine.

La, da, da da, da-da da;
La, da, da da, da-da de...
talkin' 'bout you-n-me
and the games people play--now.

Whoa we make one another cry,
break a heart then we say goodbye;
cross our hearts and we hope to die
that the other was to blame.

But neither one will ever give-in,
so we gaze at an eight-by-ten
thinkin' 'bout the things that might have been
and it's a dirty rotten shame.


People walkin'-up to ya,
singin' glory hallelujah
'n' they're tryin' ta sock it to ya,
in the name of the Lord.

They're gonna teach you how to meditate,
read your horoscope, cheat your fate.
And furthermore to Hell with hate
Come-on and get-on board.


Look-around tell me what you see.
What's a-happenin' to you and me?
God grant me the serenity
to jus' remember who I am.

'cause you've given-up your sanity
for your pride and your vanity,
turn your back on humanity;
Oh and you don't give a da da da da da.

[Chorus x 3]

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